When faced with cancer, you want the best hope for a cure.  Our Oncology Center is one of the leading Polish centers. We offer oncological prevention, diagnosing, surgery, care and education. In our Center specialized teams of doctors’ work together to develop the ideal treatment for each patient. All of Cancer Center activities are dedicated to, and focused on cancer treatment.

Our Center is represented by specialists in surgical oncology, neuro-oncology, radiation therapy, women’s cancers, hematologists, psychologists, immunologists, pathologists, plastic surgeons and representatives from all other areas of medicine. Our multidisciplinary approach to patient and his problem provides to most comprehensive care you can only imagine.  Our approach leads to the most effective and complete treatment for all types of cancer, both benign and malignant. We have got ability to treat systemic cancers or metastases with chemotherapy. Other types of therapy, such as immunotherapy or hormonotherapy, are considered as well. Our treatment depends on grading and staging, region, patient condition, co-morbidities and patient expectations/needs. Our medical teams are organized by the type and stage of the patient's disease in order to give the most appropriate level of care.

We treat WHOLE patient, not only his problem – cancer. We organize physiotherapy, psychological support, nutritional treatment, pain management. We try to understand the patients’ disease and help not only the affected person but also his family.

MRI, CT, PET scanner and Ultrasound are just a few of the advanced technologies we have in place. Our great diagnostic helps us to find the best way of treatment. After close look into progress of treatment we can modify it if required.

The main point of interest of the Clinic is surgical treatment of digestive tract cancers, breast cancer, melanoma and soft tissue sarcomas. Our clinic has got many years of experience in surgical and combined treatment of esophageal cancer. All other gastrointestinal cancers are treated surgically with current world standards. The Clinic is equipped with the modern devices such as laser to treat inoperable forms of esophagus cancer, ultrasound knife, device for endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of lactic ducts.

The part of Clinic is Radiation Therapy Department. It belongs to the group of reference centers in the field of radiation oncology in Poland. It is equipped with the latest generation Megavoltage X-rays with additional facilities, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (allows very precise external beam radiotherapy treatment) and Image Guided Radiation Therapy (is minimizing harm to surrounding tissues), to enable accurate selection of beam radiation, computerized treatment planning systems, simulators and integrated radiation therapy management system. The most modern equipment and associated devices create a new quality of cancer treatment in this part of Poland. Clinic is a member of the European Organization for Cancer Institutes (OECI), and has the status of an affiliated center of the European Organization for Research on Cancer (EORTC).

As one of the leading Oncology Centers we are implementing and improving new methods of treatment. Thanks to this our treatment becomes more effective and significantly better tolerated by our patients. Our Center was first clinic in Poland which used perfusion chemotherapy in hyperthermia for patients with locally advanced limbs melanoma, intraperitoneal chemotherapy for patients with intraperitoneal dissemination of gastric and colorectal cancer, breast duct endoscopy to diagnose benign and malignant tumors, examination of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer and colorectal cancer and many more.

Our mission is to be “Your best hope for the cure”! Trust us and let us help you to gain the victory in your fight against cancer.

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