Rehabilitation is one of the most important and comprehensive actions aimed at restoring full efficiency of the body. Comprehensive rehabilitation means that we focus not only on physical, but also emotional, social, vocational and mental rehabilitation. Our Center creates a supportive environment to help people, both adults and youth, with disabilities.  We provide the highest quality care and treatment and thank to that we maximize the quality of human life to reach the highest possible level of independence.

We specialize in orthopedics including treatment and rehabilitation of joint, limb and spin injuries, postoperative rehabilitation after orthopedic, neurosurgical and general surgery procedures, neurological rehabilitation (after stroke, brain injuries, cerebral hemorrhage, limb paralysis, patients with multiple sclerosis), comprehensive rehabilitation after burns and cardiovascular and lungs rehabilitation.

Our multidisciplinary staff members, including physicians, nurses, physiotherapist, nutritionists and psychologists, are all certified or after specialized training in areas of medicine related to our specialties. They are well-known experts in their medical communities and many of them are lecturers at medical universities.

All our patients are involved in creating personal rehabilitation program. An individualized program will be designed to meet your specific needs and goals. We identify individual needs and abilities and tailor the program intensity to them. Staff members are encouraged to try creative treatment strategies while providing individualized treatment approaches. Our well-trained staff will help you with restoring range of motion improving the functionality of joints. They will help you with regaining function, improving gait, or improving overall mobility and balance.

We help our patients return to self-reliance. Our occupational therapists are working with patients to help them to relearn daily life activities, to become independent. You will learn how to take care of yourself and function safely. You will work to increase the strength of your extremities and to improve the precision of movements. You will learn again how to eat, bath and dress yourself, cook and many more necessary activities. We offer specially designed simulated home environment, under the guidance of our best specialists. Our approach is caring and empathetic, shaped by the needs and expectations of our clients and their families.

Our Center features comprehensive programs designed specially to treat people with specific injury or illness. Our experience and practical skills gives us the expertise and knowledge to provide rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs on the highest world level. We implement the newest therapeutic standards based on rehabilitation concepts to increase our efficiency Over the years we were successfully applying these advantages to ever-expanding field of rehabilitation services, especially for people who need neurological, orthopedic and cardiovascular rehabilitation.

Due to the combined effect of physical therapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, phototherapy, massage, therapeutic exercises, proper diet and relaxation on the beach or in the pine coastal forests our patients can stop progression of degenerative diseases, reduce pain, improve the efficiency of the muscles and joints, improve cardiovascular system and lungs efficiency.

Our modern diagnostic, Treatment & Rehabilitation Center is what you need to return to FULL and ACTIVE life. 

Your “Road to Recovery” begins here…

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