Our Urology Center offers full spectrum of urological care. It combines the experience of specialists’ team with modern diagnostic and surgical equipment. Our highly trained staff aims to offer you the highest standards of urological and andrological treatment. Our board-certified urologists are passionate about practicing medicine with a personal, individualized approach to care

Urology Center is dealing in equal measures with men, women and children. We offer comprehensive urological and andrological services to diagnose and treat kidney stone diseases, urological cancers, urine incontinence, impotence, prostate diseases, congenital malformations and other urinary difficulties. We offer our patients the specialized knowledge and technological resources to evaluate and treat problems within the male, female and children genito-urinary tract, and the conditions and diseases that affect its normal and healthy function.

Our clinic can boast outstanding achievements, such as: surgical treatment of advanced genitourinary cancers, reconstructive procedures of penis and urethra, kidney tumors thermoablation and transgender sex conversion surgery.

If we can, we use minimally invasive techniques, such as photoselective prostate vaporization with Green Light Laser. This is the most modern and most effective way to treat benign prostate hyperplasia which provides quick symptoms regression, low risk of impact on sexual function and there’s no need to stay in hospital. That kind of treatment can be applied to all patients, without any contraindications.

We use also DESWL, an innovative, modern double headed device which uses electromagnetic wave to crush kidney and ureteral stones. Using this device assures significantly higher efficiency and reduced risk of complications compared to previously available lithotrypsy devices.

Department works closely with leading European urological centers. Our tradition is organizing of the annual urological conference, where specialists from all over the Europe can see invited guests - authorities in the field of urology - performing live operations, which are transmitted in a conference room.

Our clinic offers you supporting staff to assist you in understanding your treatment options and make the best decisions. We ensure participation in support groups, psychological support, nutritional support and pain management which are very important part of treatment.

Close collaboration with other medical specialties gives us a chance to provide the most complete care and allows for the best possible outcomes.

Let us help put quality back in your life…

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