The Orthopaedics Center provides full range of the highest quality musculoskeletal comprehensive care in a patient focused environment. All of our surgeons are certified specialists with huge amounts of additional training, adding a higher level of experience for our patients and to remain current in our demanding field.

Our multidisciplinary team, including orthopedist’s, neurosurgeons, general surgeons, anesthesiologists, rehabilitation specialists and dietitians both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for a full complement of orthopedic specialties: joints replacement, spine surgery, sport injuries, hip and knee surgery, hand surgery, arthroscopic procedures of the knee, shoulder and ankle, corrective procedures of traumatic and acquired deformities and musculoskeletal tumors.

Our expert care is tailored to individual needs of our patients. We work closely with our patients to identify their needs and to achieve their goals in the most appropriate for them ways. We use the newest diagnostic equipment to evaluate and treat all orthopedic problems. Our renowned surgeons are involved in each stage of the patient’s care, from preoperative diagnostic to postoperative rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Our Clinic has created a state-of-the art Joint Replacement Department. Our hip and knee surgeons are one of the most experienced and highly skilled orthopedic surgeons in total joint replacement.  They provide the finest surgical and therapeutic care in the treatment and rehabilitation of joints afflicted by degeneration process, injuries or other causes that result in reduced mobility and utility. We use proven and completely safe, the latest generation hip and knee implants delivered by leading medical companies from the USA and Europe, which ensure the ability to quickly recovery. Before the surgery we choose the type of joint prosthesis according to the patient's age, activity, expectations and severity of joint lesions. The surgery is performed via minor incision access, which minimizes tissue injury. This ensures patient’s quick recovery to full performance and the postoperative scar can be easily hidden with underwear.

Rehabilitation is one of the most important steps to achieve full recovery. Our Rehabilitation Team under the direction of rehabilitation specialist and in cooperation with surgeon, who carried out the surgery, begins personalized rehabilitation program on the second day after surgery. Rehabilitation program includes exercises in the patient's bed (from 1st day after surgery), learning to walk with the walker and crutches (from 2nd day after surgery), learning to walk up the stairs (from 4th day after surgery), individual exercises at the gym with intensive rehabilitation sessions (from 8th day after surgery), hydrotherapy, cryochamber and swimming pool activities (from 15th day after surgery).

Thanks to our comprehensive approach,  years of experience in orthopedic surgery, highly skilled team of specialists and supportive care environment we are all you need to stay in great condition until the end of your life.

We keep bodies in motion and we keep you moving…

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