Treatment in Poland

We are an international patient management and consulting team based in Poland who assist patients from all over the world in obtaining access to Poland's superior medical system. Poland has a reputation as a leading nation in supplying high quality medical care and is renowned for efficiency and technological expertise. We have a positive recommendation, and we are certified by the Polish Association of Medical Tourism.

Why work with Treatment in Poland?

We are an international team consisting of medically trained people and  medical industry experts  and who have a working knowledge of hospitals and doctors in Poland like no one else. We know almost all of our doctors on a personal level. We also understand the needs of our customers… to have simple, streamlined, yet effective access to modern, safe, and affordable  treatment.

Medical Needs Planning

One of our key strengths is our holistic approach to your medical condition. We assess your data, discuss it with several doctors and suggest a treatment plan to you. We will agree on the parameters before you travel to Poland. You will know exactly what will happen to you and when.


We make our prices transparent from the beginning. We also make recommendations about which hospital and doctors we think would be best for you and why. We will discuss these choices with you. If you are unhappy with the selection we will work with you to find an alternative. This will be done without any additional costs to you. Our goal is that you will receive the best possible treatment while you are under our care.

Family Support

We encourage a family member to travel with you, - even though this is not a requirement. Whether our family is with you during your stay abroad or still at home, we consider it part of our responsibility to take care of them and to keep them informed. If you want your family to travel with you, we can manage this as well, and if they require special attention while you receive your treatment, let us take care of this.

Local Support

Treatment in Poland is located in Poland. This is a clear advantage not only because we can be with you quickly but also because we know our surgeons on a very personal level. We are where you are. The moment you arrive in Poland we will be there for you. You will be picked up at the airport by a member of Treatment in Poland who will take you to your next destination according to your plan. While we transfer you to your hotel, we will review your case and make sure that we have all data complete and correct before we take the next step. During your stay, there will be a representative reachable for you 24 hours, - day and night.

Additional Needs

We appreciate that the expectations of your trip may exceed receiving just medical treatment. We have the unique skill to combine your treatment with additional attractions. We are  happy to organize any additional travel for you according to your needs. Let us help you design your travel program to Poland. Tell us what you plan to do.


Polish rehabilitation centers are world renowned for getting their patients back into a fulfilling and active life. Depending on your procedure we recommend you to take advantage of this Polish advantage. Our surgeons will advise you about appropriate rehabilitation. Discuss with us what your options are.

Follow-up Service

We are there for you, even after you have returned home. You will go home with the personal cell phone number of your case agent. You will be equipped with clear guidance of what you should be doing and what you should be avoiding in the first few weeks after your return. Any medical treatment has the possibility of producing complications. Among other details that we check are the complication rates of our medical service providers. We manage complications locally and free of charge if they are directly related to the treatment. By the time you get home, we expect you to be clear if the chance of complications occuring. Most complications occur in the first few days after surgery while you are still in good hands. Should complications arise within 4 weeks after your return and they are obviously and directly related to your treatment, we will cover treatment back at home or in Poland, based on the best option at the time. You are not left alone when you return home and we will continue to stay in touch with you.


It is indeed possible to organize the entire medical trip yourself. If you have tried to do so, you may already know what challenges you will be facing. These challenges are most commonly due to the lack of answers to the following questions:
Which country should I go to?
Is saving money more important than quality of medical treatment?
Do I want to travel to a country that leaves me insecure as to how I will end up?
Which surgeon should I select and how do I know he/she has enough experience with the procedure?
Is the country safe?
What if complications occur?
What about my family? What if they want to come with me?
Will my insurance cover the trip, and if not, how can I finance it?
Will people speak my language?
any many more questions

There will be more questions, depending on your individual case and this is where Treatment in Poland comes in. We will work with you to identify your needs and requiments and provide several options for you from which you can choose. We will put together a treatment plan: a plan which outlines the entire trip and each individual step along the way. You will be informed about your trip before you travel; and so will your family.

24 Hour Service

When you are in Poland, you will be given a special phone number of your case agent. He or she will be available for you 24 hours a day. Talk to us about what your expectations and needs are. Should we not be able to accommodate your needs, (which is very unlikely) we are happy to make other suggestions.